Tell your story.

Preserve your legacy.

Endowl helps you explore who and what is most important to you, then create and maintain a plan for how they will be taken care of when you are gone.

Smart Estate Planning

Endowl transforms estate planning from an opaque, hard to understand, and expensive process into something simple and empowering.

  • At your own pace, build the estate plan that's right for you
  • Quickly inventory assets using our mobile app
  • Plan and communicate your wishes with your loved ones

Do You Have a Plan for Your Legacy?

  • Effective estate plans are living documents that need to be tuned up as life changes
  • Having a plan for your legacy will provide benefits for years to come

Manage the Full Cycle of Your Estate Plan

  • Friendly discovery process
  • Create documents for your estate plan
  • Notary comes directly to you
  • Life monitoring oracle
  • Easy updates
  • Digital asset inheritance
All with no need to pay for an attorney


  • Tell your story how you want it told: who and what is important to you?
  • Frictionless notarization
  • Update your plan with ease
  • Referral to professionals
  • Notification to parties of the estate
  • Detection and confirmation of death
  • Secure transfer of digital assets

Why Endowl?

Estate planning should be something you want to do, not a chore you dread or push off until it’s too late. With Endowl, planning for your future is manageable, friendly, safe, and fun. Preserve your legacy the right way.

The Endowl Team

Ken Hodler

Ken was the CTO and an early contributor at KeepKey. He brings over 30 years of experience as a software engineer and entrepreneur and almost 10 years experience with blockchain technology to Endowl.

Aaron Anderson

Aaron brings dApps to market as a dApp engineer, cofounder of Ching! point of sale, and cofounder of web3devs.

Morgan Sherwood

Morgan is a dApp engineer, algorithmic trader, and lifelong developer skilled in Python and smart contract security analysis.