Avoiding Family Conflict in Your Will

When it comes to planning for your family’s future, it’s important to be certain that the choices you’re making are right for everyone. Of course, you want everyone to be happy and prevent as many arguments as possible. Without careful planning and decision making, your will could end up becoming a huge source of stress and conflict for the loved ones you leave behind.

Getting it Right

You may think there’s a clear choice as to who will play what role in your will, but there are more things to consider than might be obvious. Although it may seem like the best thing to do is make your oldest child the executor of your will, they might not be the best person to leave responsible. Think about the members of your family who will most likely outlive you. In most cases, this will be your children, but it might not be.

Who in your life are you closest to? Who is the most responsible and the most trustworthy? If you leave someone in charge of your estate who won’t be able to handle it or simply doesn’t want to, the process of distributing your assets will become messy. For every role that needs to be filled in your estate plan, make sure you’re making the right decisions. Everyone involved should know exactly who is doing what, what they need to accomplish, and how to get it done quickly and efficiently. This may take some time to figure out, and over time might need some adjustments. As long as your will is up to date when you pass away with assets and responsibilities divided between your heirs fairly, your estate plan will be perfect.

Complete Transparency

Make sure your loved ones know exactly what they are going to end up with once your will is executed. Problems are frequently found where possessions are left to heirs. Your children might be angry that their siblings got something they wanted, or received more than they did. You probably have valid reasons for giving certain things to certain people over others, but the best way to avoid conflict in this situation is to keep an open line of communication with your beneficiaries through the creation process of your will. Making sure everyone is satisfied with the plan every step of the way and adjusting it to meet both your needs and theirs is key to helping everything run smoothly.

The Advantages of Endowl

When you use Endowl to create your estate plan, it’s not hard to make sure everyone knows what’s going on at all times. The Endowl app allows you to add all of your heirs to your plan, so they can stay connected and remain in the know. There will be no need for surprises or unexpected problems, as everyone with access to your estate plan will be kept up to date with their responsibilities, what they will be responsible for, and how to successfully accomplish any and all tasks that may fall on them.

More traditional estate planning methods can be pretty ambiguous, leaving more room for disaster when it comes down to executing your will. It can be stressful and confusing to end up with a piece of property or a valuable family heirloom you weren’t expecting, especially if you have a sibling that was hoping to get it. The last thing you need is family tension during tough times! With Endowl, there is no element of surprise in any way. Your family will be well informed, well protected, and well taken care of after your passing.

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto