Contribute to Endowl in Gitcoin Grants Round 9

Open source developers can use Gitcoin to contribute to other projects as well as get funding for their own. Gitcoin is currently in their 9th round of grants, and Endowl is excited to be participating. The GR9 Hackathon and Grant Round is an event where donations to participating projects are matched by Gitcoin. It also includes webinars, workshops, and discussions for participants to enjoy.

Why Gitcoin?

You’ve heard of crowdsourcing of course, as it’s hard to scroll on social media without seeing a link to a crowdsourcing profile with people donating left and right. Gitcoin takes this ideal to the next level for web3 developers, giving them a platform to showcase their projects, garner more interest, and acquire funding to help get their products financed and ready to go.

Gitcoin is cool because it allows users to interact with other developers while funding their projects. When you donate to projects you want to see succeed, others will do the same for you. This is a perfect way for small companies to boost their projects and watch them unfold into something amazing. Gitcoin is important to the community because of the unique value it holds in providing significant growth opportunities for new, innovative ideas by small organizations with big plans.

Endowl’s GCG9 Fund

Right now, Endowl is participating in the 9th round of Gitcoin grants, and you can help! Why should you donate to Endowl you ask? The Endowl App is currently undergoing some finishing touches on a system that makes it easy to record the information needed to access your crypto and store it securely using decentralized tech. Since cryptocurrencies don’t have a beneficiary field, your assets would be completely untouchable if you were to die unexpectedly. If they did happen to have access to your crypto, they might not know how to properly manage it. With Endowl, you can securely leave your crypto information behind for your will executor in your estate plan.

If losing all your crypto sounds terrible (it does), you won’t want to miss out on the opportunity to help Endowl make sure that never happens, and your heirs can easily acquire any assets you want to leave for them.

To donate, head on over to Endowl’s grant page and help away!