The Changing Laws of Estate Planning

As technology continues to become more and more integrated into our everyday lives, the laws surrounding many different aspects of necessary and important tasks are required to adapt. This has only been further emphasized by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, as people all over the world are now unable to accomplish many things that were previously needed to be completed in person. This shift can help estate planning become more efficient and accessible to those who have experienced difficulty preserving their legacy. Now, protecting your loved ones is easier than ever before.

Online Video Notarization

Remote notarization is exactly what you think it is. Instead of physically appearing before a notary and witness, you simply do so over a video call. While this wasn’t always an option, there are now nearly 30 US states that allow online notarization. This push for digitizing notaries began when Virginia pushed forward the authorization for it, followed by Montana, Nevada, and Texas in later years. Many other states joined the list of fully implemented laws allowing digital notarization just last year as the coronavirus began to completely upend the daily routines of people around the globe.

By allowing notarization to be completed fully online, this opens up so many opportunities for individuals who struggle to find the ability to get to a notary for this necessary step to be completed. When you’re able to do this digitally, notarization can be done faster, and without hassle. Many who are disabled, are at high risk of contracting a severe case of COVID-19, or others with hardships that might prevent them from having access to a notary are now able to do this without problems.

Electronic Wills

Digital estate plans are an even more recent development, being explored in depth only the past several years. In 2019, the first will was completed from start to finish completely online. Needless to say, this makes the entire estate planning process go by significantly faster, while cutting the time and money it takes to find a lawyer and make travel plans to get everything done.

Since more than half of the American population doesn’t have a will, the creation of electronic wills is here to change that. Of course, there are many reasons to put off making an estate plan or not completing one at all. But, this comes at a cost to your loved ones once you pass away. With the option to fully complete your estate plan digitally, the complexities and hesitations that typically come with the thought of writing a legal will can be eliminated.

Endowl’s Part

Our estate planning app is designed to help you manage your entire estate all in one place. From the palm of your hand, you can create a legal will, designate beneficiaries, and even use secure plugin services to connect things like crypto wallets. All of the contents of your estate plan will be secure, with no need to worry about your information being at risk.

Now that online notarization and electronic wills are starting to become the norm, Endowl is taking everything cool about digitizing your will and making it easier, more accessible, and all around an incredible experience. Using Endowl to digitally create your estate plan will not only make your life simpler now, but it will be a huge burden lifted off the shoulders of your friends and family once it’s time to execute your will.

Photo by Joshua Sukoff