What Happens to Your CryptoKitties?

Back in 2017, CryptoKitties launched their digital platform and it took off fast. The game is one of the first to be put on the Ethereum blockchain for recreational purposes, and it didn’t take more than a few days for over 1 million dollars worth of kitties to be bought and sold. Still today, many CryptoKitties are worth a significant amount of money. Now that so many people own a number of these digital assets, what happens to them when you die?

The World of the CryptoKitty

What’s so unique about this game is that users literally own the kitties they buy, just as they own their other cryptocurrencies, due to their decentralized nature. CryptoKitties is unlike other online games, where anything you own in-game belongs to you exclusively on the platform and is still technically owned by the company that created it. No matter how much you spend on a typical video game, if the company suddenly goes under and takes the game with it, there go all of your precious in game purchases. That’s not the case with a game run with smart contracts.

With CryptoKitties, you need to attach your wallet to the game when you create your account. You simply log in with your MetaMask account to do so, and can then purchase kitties with your Ether, the currency of the Ethereum network, at your leisure. Subject to the funds you own, of course. You can buy, sell, and breed kitties as much as your heart desires. The users place value in the kitties themselves. The game can’t tell you what’s worth more than something else at any given time; the values are based on the price set by the market. From there, the world of the CryptoKitty is what you make it.

Leaving Your Kitties Behind

Just as with any pet, you’ll want someone to take care of your kitties once you pass away. You may leave your dog to your brother, but maybe he doesn’t know so much about crypto and blockchain, making him less likely to be the best caretaker for your cryptographic animals. Make sure someone you trust and care for can access your CryptoKitties after you die. This prevents them from becoming untouchable and losing everything you put into them.

This is preventable by securing them in your estate plan with Endowl. By using our app, you’ll be able to store all of your CryptoKitties information in a safe place, only to be accessed by those with the proper permissions after you die. This way, you can leave specific instructions on how to access them, how to care for them, and what should be done with them once they are in the hands of someone else. Just as you need someone to inherit your other cryptocurrencies to avoid losing those assets, the same goes for your CryptoKitties. When you choose Endowl to protect your CryptoKitties and other assets, you guarantee that the time and money you put into your crypto will not be for nothing.

Photo by Markus Winkler